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The Happy-Dog Difference

A powerful plant-rich food

for growing up, growing old & everything in between

Happy Dog Breakfast is a pure, nutrient-rich superfood that speaks to love and respect for dogs. It's a complete power-packed meal that keeps dogs full, satisfied, happy and truly healthy. There's magic in the synergy, but the starring ingredients are:

BARLEY    Often called the king of grains, this is one of the least acidic grains and one of the lowest of all foods on the glycaemic index. A brilliant source of fibre, which helps gut biome to flourish, barley lowers cholesterol, supports heart health, and is rich in potassium, folate and vitamin B6. The slow release energy from this super grain is so, so good for the long lasting health of your dog!  

OATS   Among the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, oats bring a subtle, delicious flavour to the mix. Naturally gluten free, they're also cholesterol free and chock full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. The ultimate comfort food, oats are a particularly lovely inclusion for puppies and seniors.

CHIA   These gelatinous little seeds are an incredible source of fibre, calcium, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Together with the barley and oats, they slow the digestion of carbs, which gives your dog’s body long-lasting energy. It packs a mighty protein punch too—just 28 grams of chia contains 5.6 grams of protein—and adds body to our Happy Dog Breakfast

COCONUT   Rich and sweet, this darling of the health food world is anti-inflammatory, stabilises blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and increases metabolism. This fibre hero contains loads of antioxidants, vitamins and fabulous muscle building minerals. Coconut's 'wonder food' title is well deserved!

NUTRITIONAL YEAST   Not to be confused with brewers' yeast, this mineral-rich vitamin-packed protein is high in B12, low in sodium and cholesterol-free. Nutritionist-recommended, it's super good for dogs and has a super delicious cheesy nutty taste.

NUTRACEUTICALS   Just the important things in the right ratios: glucosamine, zinc, calcium and chondroitin (shark cartilage) from Australian waters. We've added carrots + parsley for a little extra oomph.

NO NASTIES!!!  There’s nothing in HDB that’s even potentially unsafe for your dog—no wheat, sugar, corn, rice fillers, soy, legumes, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours and flavours, the list is long—and there are no heat extrusion processes that denude the food of its vitality.


Great for dogs. Great for the earth. Great for people.


It matters! We’re crazy fussy about our Happy Dog Breakfast—our manufacturer provides proof of origins, handling, cleaning + more—so you can rest easy, knowing your dog is eating food that is safe, clean, and high quality. Without any of those feed-grade nasties.


Vibrant health is all about the gut. When the gut settles, through lots of loving + the right food, everything else falls into place. Healthy gut, happy dog: nutrients are absorbed, probiotic function is increased, vitality, focus, and life-joy return. That's our wish for every dog and the reason why we give our own dogs a meal of HDB every single morning of their lives.


Shelf-stable and takes seconds to make: feeding a dog healthy food doesn’t come any easier. Simply add water and leave to soak. Bam. Breakfast sorted*. You can even mix enough for 3 days and store in the frig. Either way, mm-mm!

*HDB is not a sole source of nutrition, we recommend human-grade meat for the other meal of the day.