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For our Brisbane peeps and their pups, here are the farmers' markets we'll be at for the next few weeks. You can follow us on Facebook for weekly reminders too, or check our Insta feed for pics of some fabulous market-going dogs. 

1st Saturday each month, we're at  Manly Harbour Farmers Markets
4th Saturday each month we're at New Farm Powerhouse


Saturday 23rd - New Farm Powerhouse*
Sunday 24th - Bardon*
* That's unless Cyclone Oma messes us up. If it does, and if you're out of food and were expecting to buy from either of these markets, please let us know.
We'll give you a one-off code for free shipping :)

If you have special requests or want to check in for any reason, feel free to text Kim on 0412 024 637.